What is computer science?

Computer science - that is the fascination of opening up the world of information and symbolised knowledge and making it serviceable. Computer science creates new accesses, new views, models of thought and countless automated helpers and services. Computer science enables multimedia communication everywhere, at any time and immediately. Computer science monitors, controls and networks processes.

Starting with the construction and programming of pure "calculating machines", computer science has rapidly taken on wider areas of work in production, organisation and administration. In the meantime, it has made the computer not only a working machine, but at the same time a medium, knowledge carrier, manager, entertainer, control instrument and a kind of new organ of perception for most sciences.

The science of computer science deals with the representation, storage, transmission and processing of information. In doing so, it examines the most diverse aspects: elementary structures and processes, principles and architectures of systems, interactions in small, medium and global networks, the conception, development and implementation of hardware and software up to highly complex application systems and the reflection on their use and effects.