The Institute of Computer Science, founded on 15.6.1982, is one of the largest institutes of the TU Clausthal. At the same time, it is also one of the youngest institutes in terms of the average age of our professors. The institute offers an innovative range of teaching and research, which in particular includes attractive core areas of computer science and business informatics. This will be further expanded by the additional professorships that have been advertised and are planned.

At present, first-year students can choose between three majors in our Bachelor's program in Computer Science, which lead to two advanced Master's programs in Computer Science and Business Information Systems. The content pillars of the education lie in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Information Systems, Embedded Systems, Graphical Data Processing and Multimedia, Human-Machine Interaction, Hardware Design and Robotics, Software Engineering, Computer Systems, and Business Informatics, in addition to the fundamental area.

The Institute of Computer Science maintains close contacts with other institutes at Clausthal University of Technology. It is involved in numerous national and international projects and networks and is a recognized technology and innovation partner for industry.