Human-Centered Information Systems (HCIS)

The department of Human-Centered Information Systems is led by 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Prilla.

"AT HCIS, we examine the work, learning and behavior of people in order to support them with appropriate IT tools. The focus is on human factors that influence the way people act and develop as well as their needs for support. Our work not only includes research on the design and use of computer technology (Human-computer-interaction) and the support of collaborative work in groups and teams (computer supported cooperative work and collaborative learning). Our work aims at designing current and future socio-technical systems."

Our work takes place across different application areas and domains. We have developed focal points in which we are currently active:

  • Human-Machine-Interaction
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • (Cooperative) Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and their impact on work and learning
  • Digitalization in healthcare
  • read more

If you are interested contact us (michael.prilla at

You can find us here
Clausthal University of Technology
Julius-Albert Str. 4, Room 203
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
+49 (0)5323 72-7157

Zu unseren Forschungs- und Lehrbereichen gehören

  • Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • (Kooperation in) Augmented Reality
  • Künstliche Intelligenz und ihre Auswirkungen auf menschliche Arbeit
  • Digitalisierung des Gesundheitswesens
  • mehr

Bei Interesse nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf (michael.prilla at

So können Sie uns finden
Technische Universität Clausthal
Julius-Albert Str. 4, Raum 203
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
+49 (0)5323 72-7157

  1. Wir freuen uns, dass wir jetzt im Haus Löhnbachtal in Fröndenberg die #Pflegebrille in der Praxis testen können. Zudem ist auch die lokale Presse auf das Projekt aufmerksam geworden und hat einen Artikel dazu verfasst:

    34 days ago
  2. Tomorrow, Niklas Osmers and Michael Prilla will present our paper on the Role of Social Presence in Cooperative Augmented Reality at the #chi2021 conference. Sessions will be at 9 AM and 4 PM.

    74 days ago
  3. Michael Prilla will be part of the smart mobile heath talk by tomorrow, debating how we can make care more digits. Watch the talk live from 13.30 at More information at

    91 days ago