Energy Informatics (EI)

The Energy Informatics group focuses on the application of methods from the domains of computer science (such as artificial intelligence and embedded sensing) to electrical power grids. Based on the collection of data from different locations of the power grid, this enables detailed information to be extracted and used as the foundation for the provision of novel services.

Many households and industrial consumers are currently equipped with smart power meters. Moreover, plug-level metering devices ('smart plugs') are increasingly deployed. They are simple to install, yet provide detailed insights into consumption patterns and the electrical power demand of individual electrical appliances. 

Data collected by means of such devices contain a much greater wealth of information than the energy consumption alone. The energy informatics group develops methods for the extraction of such information from collected data and their processing to enable a diverse set of services. Through a combination of traditional signal processing methods with machine learning techniques, sample cases include detecting the presence of certain appliances in homes, identifying their modes of operation, or emitting forecasts of future power consumption and detecting consumption anomalies.

Thesis supervision

We offer supervision for student projects as well as B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses. Currently available topics are posted on the blackboard next to room 208 of the D3 building (Julius-Albert-Str. 4). Alternatively, interested students may request a list of open topics by email.

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