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Energy Informatics

Energy Informatics is a newly emerged discipline focusing Computer Science on the specific cross-linked requirements of Energy Systems with respect to design and usage of ICT (information and communication technology).

Several concepts, mathematical foundations and methodologies – already applied in the field of Computer Science – have been adopted and further investigated for the field of Energy Systems. Among several of those, the following are the most relevant ones for Energy Informatics:

  • Derivation of the overall architecture model by (1) identifying the involved stakeholders, their corresponding business goals and use cases, (2) describing the information to be exchanged between the identified entities, (3) extracting/developing the required communication protocols, and (4) characterizing the underlying infrastructure.
  • Efficient, reliable and dependable processing of information for prediction of power demand and generation. In this respect, several methodologies have been proposed such as analytical model-based, data-driven empowered by machine-learning as well as AI techniques, and event-based approaches.
  • Provision of algorithms for optimization and planning of grid operations so that demand and supply match.
  • Investigation of the safety and security threats in the field of Energy Systems and adoption/adaption mechanisms by considering the advancement of safety and security concepts in the field of Computer Science.

The main research focuses of the Energy Informatic department is to cover the above mentioned topics for the optimization and control of large-scale Distributed Systems from energy management perspective.

Betreuung studentischer Arbeiten

Zu Themen der Energieinformatik werden studentische Projekte und Abschlussarbeiten betreut. Aktuelle Ausschreibungen werden an der Pinnwand vor Zimmer 208 im Gebäude D3 (Julius-Albert-Str. 4) veröffentlicht. Alternativ können Informationen zu derzeit verfügbaren Themen auch per per Email angefordert werden.


Die Abteilung für Energieinformationsnetze und Systeme wird von Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Reinhardt geleitet.

Weitere Mitglieder der Abteilung

  • Janine Beecken, M.Sc.

Skripte und Materialien

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