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Big Data and Technical Information Systems


In research, teaching, and student supervision we focus on the following areas:

  • Data & Knowledge Engineering
  • XML Processing, Data Exchange and Data Integration
  • Database Theory, Logic, Agents, and Decision Support
  • Simulation, Service Computing, and Scientific Workflows
  • Optimal Discrete Structures and Algorithms
  • Development of Database Systems and Data-Intensive Websites
  • Database Applications in Engineering, Life Sciences, and Business


Prof. Dr. Sven Hartmann
Office: Julius-Albert-Str. 4, 210
E-Mail: Sven.Hartmann@tu-clausthal.de


For inquiries and requests please contact:

Stefanie Cronjäger
Phone: 05323/72-7140
Office: Julius-Albert-Str. 4, 202
E-Mail: stefanie.cronjaeger@tu-clausthal.de