Pflegebrille 2.0

A HCIS-Projekt: "Pflegbrille" as a digital support tool for daily care tasks


Caregivers in our current society are in a ongoing challenge to compensate groving economic preasure and  increasing quality requirements while having less time for care tasks. This leads to stress, incomplete documentation and quality problems. Intelligent solutions like the Pflegebrille are necessary to lighten the daily care.

Goals and Approach

Pflegebrille 2.0 bases on the results of our previous project Pflegebrille. In Pflegebrille we tried to find out how to support caregivers with augmented reality on a basic research level. Pflegebrille 2.0 aims to adapt this so far well approved concept for further and more detailed research. Care related topics like the wound management will be addressed and prepared to be situationally accessible on the Lenses. Content will be commonly created and implemented in cooperation with care providers. Planed interfaces to current care management systems aim to increase acceptance and marketability.

Innovation and Perspective

Pflegebrille is the only available concept to support caregivers in a variety of different tasks. Over the long term the goal is to increase quality of care and to relieve caregivers. The medium term goal is to establish a spin-off. For these reasons, among others, the project is also funded by the BMBF.

TV report about Pflegebrille

The HCIS group had the exciting opportunity to be part of two tv report about the "Pflegebrille".

The first report was published on 22.01 with the titel "Digital glasses for caretakers" in the NDR show "Hallo Niedersachsen":,pflegebrille100.html

The second report of RTL was also published on 22.01. With the titel "Smart Idea: This glasses shall help care takers in their daily task" the report was visible on RTL Nord and later nationwide on "RTL Aktuell":