Code & Tools

This page contains downloads and source codes of projects which were created in the context of research projects or in/for lectures. Some of them are valuable for applications beyond the original intend.

Texture Viewer

An HDR viewer for advanced texture formats which cannot be opened in usual image viewers.

It supports quick side-by-side comparison, arithmetic operations on images, customisable simple filter effects (GLSL) and 360° views.

At the moment it reads PNG, JPG, BMP, HDR, PFM, KTX, DDS, EXR
and writes PNG, BMP, HDR, PFM.
This includes Cube-Map and Mipmap support for the KTX and DDS formats.

Project page:

Color Visualization

An online color visualization tool made by one of our students for a bachlors project. shows the histogram for an image and allows the visualization of different color spaces along with simple transformations. shows a chromacity diagram. visualized the HSV, Lab and RGB color space simultaneously.