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Energy information networks and systems

Energy information networks and systems

The Energy Information Networks and Systems Department focuses on the application of methods and procedures from computer science in electrical energy networks. On the basis of the data that can be collected at various points in the energy network, detailed information can be obtained and new services can be offered based on this information.

Many households and industrial consumers are currently being equipped with smart meters. Smart plugs are also becoming increasingly popular among end users because they are easy to install and offer great benefits by making the costs of operating electrical appliances transparent.

Consumption data recorded with such measuring devices contain much more information than the monthly invoice amount to be paid. The Department of Energy Information Networks and Systems is therefore developing methods to extract this information from raw data and make it available for value-added services. The novel combination of signal processing and machine learning allows, for example, not only to detect existing appliances in a household and their operating modes, but also to make predictions about future energy consumption or identify unexpected consumption values.

Supervision of student work

Student projects and dissertations on energy information networks and systems are supervised. Current tenders are published on the pinboard in front of room 208 in building D3 (Julius-Albert-Str. 4). Alternatively, information on currently available topics can be requested by email.

Contact person

The Department of Energy Information Networks and Systems is headed by Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Reinhardt.

Other members of the department

  • Jana Huchtk√∂tter, M.Sc.
  • Janine Beecken, M.Sc.
Skripte und Materialien

Skripte und Materialien

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