IPMasAr: Modelling Inference and Preferences in Multiagent Systems through Argumentation

Project Members:


  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Chesnevar, University of Bahia Blanca, Argentina (Leader)
  • Prof. Dr. Frieder Stolzenburg, Fachhochschule Wernigerode, Germany

Funding: DAAD (PPP, PROALAR 415-proalar/po-D/06/33815) , 7.500 € (of 15.000 € total)

Duration: 01/2007 - 12/2008

Project Description: The main goal of this project is computational modelling of inference processes and preference handling in multiagent systems, captured through different extensions of Defeasible Logic Programming (DeLP), a logic programming language that allows to model argumentative reasoning. DeLP has been successfully used in real-world applications, but its applicatility is limited in a multiagent setting. The proposed model would allow to solve new problems in distributed settings by coordinating autonomous intelligent agents which would reason by means of argument-based inference.

Contact E-Mail: juergen.dix@tu-clausthal.de