DeSIM - Decentralised Simulation

Project Members


06/2013 - 05/2016

Project Abstract

The aim of the DeSIM project is to design and develop a distributed and high-scaling multi-agent-simulation (MAS). The presentation of the problem is focused on a detailed (micro)simulation view of each agent, where the agent-based modelling and  communication structure are analysed too. When using detail views, there are  different issues in performance scaling where decentralized simulation architecture can be useful.

The research's objective is to compare different simulation environments e.g. P2P, grid-based or high-performance-computing and to create or  enhance a framework with design and scaling structures. In order to validate our  results, we use the domain of cooperative traffic simulation, including use cases such as decentralized routing, grouping and platooning, and information dissemination.

There are tools simplifying the requirements of abstract design, visualization, progression or rather improvement of the current systems. The project combines different points of perception of distinct fields of research.