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05.10.2020 - Niklas and Tabajara presenting

Tabajara presents "Disaster Response Simulation" at PAAMS on 8 Oct. and "Hierarchical Coalition Formation in Multi-Agent Systems" at the DCAI Doctoral Consortium also on 8 Oct.
Niklas presents "Time in Multi-Agent Systems" at the ISAmi Doctoral Consortium on 8 Oct.


30.09.2020 - MAPC 2020 has a date

The Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2020 will be hosted out of Clausthal in the week of 9 November. 6 teams are registered as of now to compete in the second edition of the Agents Assemble scenario.


30.09.2020 - MAPC 2019 Book is out!

The book about the Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2019 has been published in Springer's Lect. Notes Computer Challenges series.


14.09.2020 - Tabajara presents at EUMAS 2020

Tabajara is presenting the paper entitled "Disaster Response Simulation as a Testbed for Multi-Agent Systems", co-authored with Vinicius Chrisosthemos, Rafael H. Bordini and Jürgen Dix, at EUMAS 2020.


03.09.2020 - AREA Workshop 2020

Tobias is co-hosting the First Workshop on Agents and Robots for reliable Engineered Autonomy (AREA 2020), co-located with ECAI 2020, virtually on 4 September.


10.5.2020 - MAPC @ EMAS 2020

Tobias gave a virtual talk on the Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2019 at the EMAS workshop 2020.


01.10.2019 - Welcome Tabajara!

We welcome Tabajara Krausburg to our group! He is doing his PhD as a joint degree between TU Clausthal and PUCRS. He will be staying in Clausthal for the next 18 months.


18.9.2019 - Prof. Rafael Bordini visits CIG

Prof. Rafael Bordini from PUCRS visited us in Clausthal. The slides from the talk he gave during the visit can be found here.


14.5.2019 - Tobias presents at EXTRAAMAS 2019

The paper - co-authored with Michael Winikoff - is titled Explaining Aggregate Behaviour in Cognitive Agent Simulations Using Explanation. Update: The paper has been published with Springer!