Computational Intelligence (CI)

Our group has been created in 2004 when Jürgen Dix was appointed full professor  for Theory and Computational Intelligence. From 2005 until 2010 two colleagues joined our group: Prof. Barbara Hammer (machine learning, datamining, statistical and relational learning) as well as apl. Prof. Matthias Reuter (softcomputing, pattern recognition, neural networks industrial applications)

 Our research and teaching activities center around

  • computational logic (deductive databases, answer set programming, nonmonotonic reasoning),
  • multi-agent systems (logics in agency, rational agents, programming agents), and
  • artificial intelligence (argumentation, verification, planning).

    More details on our research projects and interests (and a comprehensive list of our publications), can be found in the research section.


    Members of our group actively participate in organizing conferences worldwide either as program comittee members, or as main organizers.

    For the convenience of the research community, we are running Event@CIG, a mailing list for distributing calls for papers and relevant announcements.

    We also organize the Multi-Agent Programming Contest, an international competition that strives to compare the performance measures of different multi-agent systems.

    We also extensively participate in teaching and other educational activities of the Department of Informatics by lecturing, seminar leading and integrating students into our project groups.